Is This The Way You…

Posted: October 21, 2010 in Articles, Breaking News, Opinion
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About a month ago, I randomly decided to ‘friend’ this beautiful woman I stumbled across on Facebook via a mutual acquaintance. Her name is Alecia, but is known as Mixi. I’ve never actually spoken to her – aside from the occasional comment on a status update – in fact, I only ‘friended’ her in order to shamelessly exploit the social network and spread the word about this very blog.

However, getting to know Mixi vicariously through said network has forced me to become a spectator of sorts as she embarked on an endeavour with a small group of fellow musicians. For starters, I barely even know the members’ names, let alone what they look like. Take into account that this band only formed three weeks ago today.

Normally, I wouldn’t particularly care for bands that barely crawled out of the rock n’ roll womb. Most of those groups are nothing more than illegitimate children of clashing genres that decided to, on one superfluous night, mate in ways Kama Sutra followers wouldn’t dare attempt.

For some reason that has yet to reveal itself, I took to the short yet explosive growth of this group known as Stitched Up Heart. Their only full-length song, ‘Is This The Way You Get To Hell?’, has shown promise on, where  earlier this week it climbed to #15 on the local metal charts, and has reached as high as #11 so far (and to think the week still isn’t over). The band also released a rough demo called ‘Feel You’ – a work in progress, but what song isn’t?

Do I think this band has potential? Definitely. With female lead vox and what I consider a solid instrumental back-up, Mixi and her mates Mikey, Andrew, Nikki, and Dave seem have their stitched-up hearts set out on a promising, fast-paced future.

  1. Mixi says:

    We found this blog and put it up on all of our facebook pages 🙂 thank you!


    • Hey, Mixi! Thanks for checking it out! Keep coming back for more updates on everything alternative, and make sure to tell your friends about us.

      Good luck to you and the rest of the guys. I have a good feeling about what you’ve managed to accomplish so far, and it only seems to be getting better.

      Best wishes,

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