Posted: March 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

To my beloved readers,

Due to unfortunate circumstances, I have to go on a bit of a hiatus from updating on Alternative Rebel.

I cannot begin to express the support I have seen from all of my wonderful friends and everyone I’ve met along the way. I hope you all continue to enjoy the reviews, tour information, opinion articles and band interviews I have posted so far, and that it helps you to broaden your musical palate.

Before I sign off officially until the unforeseeable future, I ask one simple thing from you: always support the underdogs. There are fantastic unlabeled bands out there that fly under the radar. A few of them I have had the unparalleled pleasure to get to know, and those are experiences I will always cherish. Support those guys. Oftentimes their biggest influence is their fan base, so make sure you help them out. Go to their tiny shows, hang out with them afterwards, and buy their merchandise. Hell, buy them a good meal after the show if you can, or at least give their driver a tip. For unlabeled bands, their expenses come out of their own pockets. Half of the time they go hungry just to give you a better night out on the town. Don’t ever forget that.

With that, I bid my farewell. Keep on rockin’, and don’t forget to always be a part of it – whatever your ‘it’ is!

Alternative Rebel


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